Train with the best, become the best – Meet Mia Aurora Winderen

Mia Aurora Winderen teaches Exotic Pole, Developpe and Splits, Calisthenics and Stretch, Dancehall and Power Yoga at London Dance Academy, and is frequently covers our regular Pole level classes. She is a certified pole dance teacher with Spin City, a 200 hours alliance Yoga Teacher and 500 hours Budokon Mixed Movement Arts Teacher. Mia is also practicing to become a Seiki Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. She also has a BA in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and has won several titles in Freestyle Disco Jazz Dance Competitions. We caught up with her to find out more about how love affair with pole.

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At what point did you first try pole and why?

Mia London Dance Academy DanceHall Teacher

Mia Aurora Winderen DanceHall Teacher

I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I did all different styles of dance growing up, did it for my main High School subject in Norway and moved to London to study a 3 year BA in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. In my first year of my BA I fell in love with pole dancing, through a project that fused contemporary and pole dance. Shortly after the project finished I started teaching and training pole dance more.

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What was it that made you fall in love with pole in those early stages?

When I got addicted to pole dance, I had already tried most dance styles there is and a lot of different challenging physical activities. I loved the honesty of pole dance; the fact that it requires so much strength and flexibility, determination and focus to achieve the tricks and make it look graceful. I enjoyed the challenge of that, and exploring how I could still dance and improvise with the pole. The pole kept me on my toes and hungry to explore, I loved how it made me so exhausted. I started seeing improvements physically and mentally in my life, my relationship with the pole was like I had found my soulmate and life partner. I got stronger and happier dancing with the pole.

Mia London Dance Academy Calisthenics, Pole and Yoga teacher

Mia Calisthenics, Pole and Yoga teacher

What benefits does pole bring to your life on a personal level now?

Pole Dance keeps me excited, I never feel bored. I am always excited when I can train pole or teach it. My main love is sharing this beautiful art expression and demanding physical activity. Feeling constantly motivated, happy and excited about choreographing, exploring and I’m learning more. I know that I will forever keep dancing with the pole, and sharing my movement practice through yoga, dance and pole dance. I can’t see myself doing anything else!

What is it that you love most about teaching?

I love seeing students finding that deep, total connection from the brain to the body. Making sense of rhythm, technique and choreography. I love seeing regular students progress, seeing them improve and achieve their goals. It gives me so much motivation and inspiration for my own training, as well as to continue teaching. 

What is your proudest pole achievement to date?

I have had some great Pole & Contemporary dance performances with my dance company AURORA movement, that I am very proud of. Bringing a different expression of pole to the performance art world and the contemporary dance scene. 

How would you define your own personal teaching style? 

I would say that with my versatile dance background – a lot of my classes are very technical, but with an emphasis on having fun and expressing yourself. I focus on achieving the good feeling when you can let go of judgement and expectations to yourself, and dance freely.

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