Train with the best, become the best – Meet Hannah

Welcome to the world of professional pole – training will be intense and exciting!

Hannah Rose is an elite level professional pole dancer and circus artist and 2 times UK Pole Dance Champion. She has been training in pole dance and circus for almost 10 years. Hannah also has years of experience teaching pole dance from beginner right through the elite level.

Hannah teaches Splits, Pole Conditioning, Combos and Technique, Spinning Pole and Pole all levels at London Dance Academy.
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We have Advanced and Elite classes (Levels 4 – 5) several times a week.
Pole Level 4-5 – ELITE 💥*20.30 – 22.00 Wednesdays*💥
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Hannah is the twice winner of the UK Professional Pole Championships at Elite level, in both 2017 and 2018, and has won the ‘Best Tricks’ award 3 years in a row. Hannah teaches masterclasses across the UK and also performs and competes internationally, where she placed 4th in Womens’ International Elite in Pole Art Spain, and 3rd in Pole Art France 2018.
Watch Hannah’s incredible Pole Art France routine on youtube
She is professionally trained in circus arts. Hannah Rose Kaynes specialises in Aerial Straps as well as Chinese Pole. She uses her intimate knowledge of the body gained from her circus training to help develop students’ pole dance technique so they can execute moves safely and beautifully.
Her teaching motto is there is no such thing as ‘I can’t’ just ‘I can’t yet’!
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