Tips for home workout: Getting started

Are you missing the little London Dance Academy rituals? Arriving at the studio to see all the familiar faces? Hugs and kisses from your favourite people? Knowing you have left the world outside and entered into our little sanctuary? 
Well we are missing you too!
Although it is a different experience to joining us in our home, we are loving the gift of technology allowing us to join you in yours!
Book your online class so we can see your beautiful face!

But first things first : creating your special home workout space.

Whether you are very lucky and able to dedicate a whole room to your home workout or you have a corner in a shared space there are some things that you can do to create your own London Dance Academy vibe.
Tip 1:  Please check that where you are working out is safe!
Make sure you can move without banging into sharp corners or tripping over furniture.
Check that anything you are using to balance on is stable and that nothing will fall on you.
You will need a mat or smooth floor that you can comfortably move around on without catching or scratching yourself.

Decide whether you need a little more air in the room, have you got a glass of water to hand and your towel?

For an added extra, if you have an aromatherapy diffuser, Lemongrass or Tea tree create a funky fresh atmosphere to start working out in.

If you have a pole at home check out our special Pole at Home class on Tuesdays? 

Next step : Whether you are joining us for an online class or just practicing by yourself, do not skip the warm up!

Not everyone’s favourite part of the show but your body will thank you.  Make it thorough, make it fun and if you feel yourself slouching just imagine Hannah or Sophie are watching.
Double check : have you changed out of your office-wear/onesie and into dance wear?
We are still selling merch if you need some new gear.
Music! If you are practicing at home outside of class and you are stuck for song ideas check out our playlists. Any great songs you discover let us know and we will add your recommendation to our Favourite’s playlist on youtube.

Next : wherever possible try to order equipment online so you are using strong reliable purpose-built apparatus.

For any weight-bearing set-ups, follow all safety checks when installing them and check again before every use.

Top home workout tips from our teachers

1. Sock over your pleasers to stop them damaging the floor
2. Books if you don’t have yoga blocks
3. Belts if you don’t have yoga straps
4. Chair instead of Barre
5. Towel on door instead of TRX or suspension belt of pull up bar
(…we have all seen the painful viral video mishaps, please don’t let it be you!)
6. Trees pull ups (check that they’re strong enough)
7. Lamp-posts for straddle ups and pole
8. Bottles of water, shampoo, canned food, or ketchup instead of light weights
9. A folded up towel to squeeze at back of knee for some things. Or on the floor as make shift gliders

Finally : once you have enjoyed your class or routine, really embrace the cool down as part of your practice. 

Remember how you cool down in the studio, it is just as important when working out at home too. So, we are just getting started, check out our next blog for more tips on working out during the lockdown. Next time we will be focusing on pole dancing and conditioning.
We have pole, flexibility strength and balance workouts in our timetable. Hope to see you online soon!