The inspiration behind LDA(play)

As dancers, we are always trying new things. Always exploring new moves, new genres, new ways of doing things we already know. Are we always successful? No! But it doesn’t stop us from experimenting. That is a crucial part of our journey, that lets us grow and develop. 

Dance is a universal language

Last year, London Dance Academy decided to make a move to an unknown territory and create an on-demand dance streaming service. Fast forward to June 2021 – our students are loving LDA(play) and our Team is working hard on growing it further!

When we first started thinking about what ended up being LDA(play), we knew we wanted to give everyone the chance to join us on this journey. The beautiful thing about dance and movement is that they create a universal language. Our students are dotted all over the globe – from the UK to Australia – which makes our classes sometimes hard to access. It is with those people in mind that we created LDA(play), now available to everyone, anywhere in the world. 

More for our community

Nonetheless, last year was incredibly difficult for all of us, regardless of the location. London Dance Academy had to go fully online and temporarily suspend in-person classes. We were looking for another way to connect with our students and to keep our community together even in the most challenging times. LDA(play) is the opportunity for everyone to keep dancing, stretching, and training regardless of their new lifestyle, schedule, or responsibilities. 

We also can’t ignore the psychological aspect of staying active being a crucial part of maintaining our mental health in tough times. Fitness and dance, by pushing our bodies to produce endorphins, are the most organic mood-boosters and painkillers that we can find. For many people, physical activity is an irreplaceable part of their mental health care routine, and we’re honoured to be able to support our students in this aspect. 

Creating LDA(play) was also a way for us to challenge our teachers in new ways. Teaching while on camera is way different than teaching in person. Recording for LDA(play) required not only physical preparation, the choreographies, moves, and exercises, but also achieving the right mindset to give the same energy and engagement to the camera as they would to a group of students. Our teachers did an amazing job getting the right attitude and moves so that you can now enjoy world-class quality classes at a click of a button.

Driving change

Circling back to the first point – we are dancers and fitness enthusiasts, we can’t stay still. Moving forward is the only way we grow. Being an innovator gets you further than repeating known patterns. Creative people have different needs, and that is what majorly inspired us to design LDA(play). London Dance Academy took the leap and created a new way of dancing. We are already seeing positive feedback from our students about LDA(play) and we could not be happier about it. The immense impact that our decisions, work, and creation have on our community is the best motivation to keep moving forward and to share our love for dance with you, and we hope to only see more of it.