Online classes Studio update: Covid-19

Hi all,

COVID 19 UPDATE November 2nd 2020:

Having our community back together has been an absolute joy.  We’ve done our best to provide a stable and sane environment, when so much around us just doesn’t make sense.  We all know that lockdown is happening again, so how do we stay united and go forward from here.

With your belief London Dance Academy weathered the last storm and we had a studio to come back to.  With your support our teachers were able to stay in work throughout the lockdown and had jobs to return to.

You can continue to help us keep our community together by joining our online classes.  Our mental and physical health has never been more important – we will continue to do everything in our power to look after our family.

All credits and memberships will be available to be used for online classes or extended until we re-open.

London Dance Academy will continue as an online Academy until we can re-open – nothing else will change.  For those of you who have already been through this with us the last time, you know we’ve got this.  For our new members, we are here for you – if you have any questions or suggestions please email

Note: our last classes will be on Wednesday and the studio will be closed from Thursday 5th November.


As you know it is a difficult time for boutique, independent dance and fitness studios and freelancers in this Covid-19 time. And it’s with a heavy heart we had to close our doors with the government instruction to do so to keep us all safe.
We are planning to open our studio as soon as the Government says it’s okay to do so. And we will keep you posted!
To continue to keep us all healthy mentally and physically we are offering you online classes where we can get together and train in a new virtual environment.

Online classes

We started our online classes on the day of lockdown. And we are delivering this in a way which upholds London Dance Academy’s reputation for quality.  We are adding more classes everyday. And will continue to offer online classes even when the studio is back open.

Here are our Online Classes FAQ’s

Other ways to help through Covid-19

To help teachers and staff you can also buy a gift card or merch like re-usable coffee cups, hoodies or flowy tops, to support.

We got this team! 

Overall we are feeling so incredibly grateful for every student who has helped to make London Dance Academy such a uniquely warm and welcoming place full of friends. Whatever happens over the next few months with the Covid-19 the strength of our community will always be there. 

We are open to suggestions as to other ways we can help you all to stay sane and keep training. Please do let us know if you have any comments, queries or ideas.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us.