Squeeze! Lauren Clark from The Sun tries pole dancing at London Dance Academy

“‘Squeeze!’ my pole dancing instructor Melissa reminds me.” Lauren Clark from The Sun newspaper tries pole dancing at London Dance Academy.

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“It doesn’t feel like a fitness class. It’s fun and never boring,” says Melissa, of the increased interest in the discipline. “And now that it’s viewed as a respectable sport, it’s becoming even more accessible to people.”

She adds that it does wonders for your body confidence too – allowing women to embrace their femininity and sexuality.

How was the first discover pole class? 

When Lauren turns up to one of our shiny seven-pole studio – off Old Street – her initial misconceptions about the type of person who willingly writhes around a pole on a Sunday morning were swiftly busted.

We had two twenty-something women who wanted to try “something different” than a regular gym class, people of different shapes and sizes, and even a man. (Have you seen our new Pole Lads class yet?)

Join us everyday and discover pole in Old Street. 

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