Spinning Pole Tips with Miriam – Beat the Motion Sickness

We’ve all been there when the spin just becomes too much, so here are some top tips from our expert teacher Miriam for overcoming spinning pole nausea.


#1 Accept it as part of the process! 

Any time any of us has a long break from spinning pole, teachers included, we have to overcome the nausea all over again.  If you are doing a spinning pole class, inform your teacher that you will need breaks, we’ve all been there so they will understand.

#2 Do not spin on an empty stomach

But not too soon after eating either! A small, plain-ish meal with a good amount of carbohydrates about 2 hours before class will be perfect. Some people also find they experience motion sickness more in the morning than the evening.

#3 Water

Ensure you have water to hand, not juice, or anything fizzy or sugary. And that your space is well ventilated with an open window if possible.

#4 Alternate the direction 

Mix up the direction of spin in your combos. Even if your teacher has choreographed it all to the right or left, they will be fine with you switching certain elements if it means you feel less sick.

#5 Cardinal rule of spin pole

The further away your body from the pole, the slower you will spin and vice versa. If the pole feels like it is spinning too fast for you, take a moment to extend a limb or two before moving on to the next move. If you know you are prone to nausea, ensure you start your combo with much less momentum, with special attention to the speed of your climbs.

#6 Little and often

This is key when it comes to getting used to spin pole. Try to have a few short solo spin sessions between your spinning pole classes and try to be disciplined with it. Try adding a spin pole freestyle to the end of your regular static practice.

#7 Take breaks

Accept that it might not be your sweatiest, all out workout if you are just starting. Don’t be afraid to take regular breaks between attempting moves in your spin pole class. You might also find that even though you feel you are doing less, your forearms feel more cramped or “pumped” if you are just getting used to spin.

#8 Natural anti-nausea solutions 

Ginger, apples, and pressure wristbands. You could have one of those small ginger shots that you can get from Pret pre-lesson, this has helped me before!

#9 There’s no shame

If all else fails, there’s no shame in reaching for the motion sickness tablets before a 1 hour class. If you are worried about getting through it or have a commitment straight afterwards. As someone who gets travel sickness badly, I find tablets with the active ingredient Cinnarizine are the best for me. Just don’t take the full dose recommended for a long-haul flight for example as they can cause drowsiness. Always check with your pharmacist that they won’t interact with other medications you may be on. Try to save them for special occasions so that you won’t become overly reliant on them.

#10 Believe in yourself! 

After a few months of regular spinning pole practice a few times a week you’ll be able to spin super-fast and then head straight out to the pub for drinks and rich food with absolutely no issues. 


It’s so worth persisting with it. Once you get used to the feeling of spinning pole, there’s nothing else quite like it for self-expression to music and feeling like you’re flying!