Last tickets available for our student teacher showcase

The London Dance Academy student and teacher showcase is coming up fast. We are celebrating our 15th birthday and what better way to celebrate than to show the hard work and talent of London Dance Academy students in a blazing showcase!

On Saturday 7th December we want you to celebrate with us in our winter showcase, but there’s only a few tickets left.

Buy your tickets here to show support for all our wonderful students

We’ll be showcasing all levels. You can expect pole singles, pole doubles, floorwork, pole groups, hoop, acro and contortion acts from beginner to advanced levels!

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Experienced Pole cleaners and Props stage hands needed for the showcase!

For our annual winter showcase we will need some experienced pole students to help out on the night! We’ll offer free classes in return for your hard work.  

💥 The pole cleaners will need to be able to comfortably and safely climb up and down the poles (multiple times!) Hold a seat, upright crucifix and be secure enough to spray and wipe the pole while on the pole. So not suitable for beginners for obvious reasons!

💥 The props helper will be responsible for placing performer’s props on stage and removing props at the end of each performance.

In return we’ll give you some classes at London Dance Academy for free for all your hard work!

Please email Anouska at to find out more information and sign up!!

Buy your tickets for the Showcase on Eventbrite including a glass of tipple