How we’re keeping you safe in our studio – FaQ’s 

With the latest announcement that gyms and other facilities can open as planned on 12th April, we wanted to address some of your most frequently asked questions to hopefully bring some peace of mind as to how we will be keeping all of our students safe when we welcome you back to the studio.


When can you open?

As long as the government’s roadmap out of lockdown stays on track, we hope to open our doors again on 17th May. However, this is subject to change and we will be keeping a close eye on the on governmental announcements. We will announce on social media and via our newsletter once we know for sure.

How safe is the studio?

Traditionally poles are on average 2 meters apart and we have always used an alcohol solution to clean them, which not only kills viruses but also bacteria. Our Aerial Hoops are similarly distanced, we’ve decided to stop using hoop tape so that all our hoops can be thoroughly cleaned between classes. During the last lockdown, we were given the green light by Islington Council for our Covid Protocols.  Once we reopen, we will continue to provide hand sanitiser throughout the studio, encourage hand washing, social distancing, we will provide alcohol spray and clean cloths for the equipment.

How many people will be in a class?

As we have been doing pre-lockdown, we will keep the number of students per class to 6 for Pole and Aerial (one person per piece of equipment), and 6 for mat based classes. Once we are sure it’s safe to do so, we will go back to our usual class numbers.


Will I have to pre-book? 

Yes! You can pre-book using our class timetable, or via our app.


What classes will be running?

All our classes will be running when we can open. However. there will be fewer classes per day while Covid restrictions apply. Spots are limited and the demand is high so please do book early to avoid disappointment.


Will online classes still be available?

Yes. You can book on to our LDA(live) classes using our timetable to continue training at home.  You will also have the freedom to train whenever you want with our brand new platform, LDA(play), which will be launched soon.
The Holy Trinity of training with London Dance Academy will be available through LDA(live), LDA(play) and LDA(studio). You choose which way you want to train.


These guidelines will keep you safe

Please make sure you read these guidelines before you come to the studio.

Be on time

Please come 10 minutes before your class is due to start, wait outside and the teacher will let you in. If you’re late you won’t be let in and you cannot attend the class.

No shoes

Please leave your outside shoes at the top of the stairs, or bring a shoe-bag. Only heels or socks allowed in the studio.

No changing room

There will be no changing room or lockers. Please come in your training gear and go straight into your studio.

Wash your hands

Wash hands regularly for 20+ seconds. Hand Sanitiser will also be available as soon as you enter!

Bring your own towel and mat

Please, bring your own Pole towel, Yoga mat and blocks if needed.

Clean your station

Wipe down your own pole or equipment before and after class. Paper towel and alcohol solution will be available.

No spotting

There will be no spotting, and only one person per pole or hoop. Always maintain social distancing.

We want you to feel comfortable

  • All classes are staggered so you won’t meet people on the stairs
  • All classes will be one hour to allow for this
  • Classes are smaller, only one person per apparatus
  • Hand sanitiser will be available
  • Doors and windows are open and extractor fans provide good ventilation
  • Notices are up and visible, and everyone knows what to expect before they arrive
  • The toilets are cleaned regularly, please wash your hands and wipe down the sink after use
  • London Dance Academy staff will make sure communal areas are clean and not over-crowded

If you have any feedback at all please don’t hesitate to email us: