Join our #splitschallenge competition!

We are determined to use this time indoors to get everyone their SPLITS !! So we have added splits classes everyday for everyone!!

And if perfecting your box splits, front splits, pancake or swim throughs isn’t enough, our friends in BOOMKATS Pole Dance Clothes are offering a 50 Euro voucher in their online shop in our #splitschallenge draw!

Hit the challenge from all angles!! Join the #splitschallenge

To enter the draw to win: Post a picture of your splits progress from one of our classes on Instagram!

  1. Follow @boomkats_polewear
  2. Tag @londondanceacademy
  3. Use the #splitschallenge hashtag

Book your online splits class today to get started

We have Splits, Developpe, Contortion, Stretch It, Splits Therapy, Extreme Stretch, Conditioning and Box Splits classes to get you down in all angles.

Here are only some of our Splits classes to help get you going:

  • Monday and Wednesday **Stretch It
  • Monday and Thursday **Contortion
  • Monday and Saturday **Box Splits¬†
  • Tuesdays **Splits Therapy
  • Thursday **Developpe and Splits
  • Thursday **Extreme Stretch
  • Friday **Front Splits
  • Sunday **Splits

Join our splits challenge today!

Book your online class today to get started


Terms & Conditions

  1. It will be a random draw picked by London Dance Academy and Boomkats
  2. The draw will happen after closing date 1 May
  3. And we will announce the winner in one of our classes
  4. We will DM you on Instagram to get your details so please make sure you follow both @Boomkats_polewear and @londondanceacademy