Do you have a cancellation policy? Can I get a refund?



At London Dance Academy we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. As long as you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled class or waitlist, you will not lose that class. The class will be re-credited to your profile and you will be able to use it for another booking. If you’d like to rebook for a different class type using this credit, please contact us, so we can book you in and carry the credit over.


There are no refunds on late cancellations.  If you late cancel, you will lose the class. This is to allow us to notify anyone on the waiting list in time, and to vacate spaces for anyone else who may want to sign up with enough notice.

We do understand that a lot can happen in 48 hours and will of course always try to make allowances if you are having trouble due to something beyond your control (transport issues, accidents, last minute emergencies). Please note we will assess these on an individual basis and at our discretion.




Memberships are non refundable and non transferable. Individual classes refunds are available as long as they have not been used and are within the expiry date.
Once you purchase you classes or membership, please make sure you know the expiration date and use all classes before that date.


We are always reasonable and do understand you have other commitments. So, in cases of long-term injury or illness, unforeseen changes in working patterns (such as having to travel abroad for work for long periods), we will of course try to accommodate those changes and extend membership or class validity.

Please note any extensions are an absolute exception for emergency or very specific circumstances only. They are a concession on our part as we value you as students. Studio management will assess these on an individual basis and at our discretion.

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page