Are you dreaming of running away with the circus?

Jo Foley is starting to teach the new *Acro – All levels class* 17.00 – 18.00 every Wednesday

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We asked Jo how she got into circus training.

“I did gymnastics for fun when I was growing up, and at about 14 my coach suggested that I audition for a year long circus project that was happening in my local area. I did and I completely fell in love.

They had us try a bit of everything, acrobatics, aerial, juggling, stilt walking, etc. We only had a year to train and performed a run of shows at the end.

It was difficult to find circus classes in London

Once the project was finished, there was nowhere to keep training or learning. In those days, it wasn’t a thing, there wasn’t any other studios offering aerial classes. The circus, literally, left town, I was gutted. I did my research and found that at that time, there were only 2 circus schools in the country – Circomedia, and The Circus Space.

Fully expecting me to grow out of it, my family agreed to allow me to go to a school for a year once I finished my exams. You had to audition for the schools. So, I worked my little butt off in gymnastics, kept climbing those nasty ropes at school, auditioned and got in. I completed the one year as promised but this only fuelled the fire for my love of the circus and I ended up graduating from both schools.

Circus classes are many things

I am now a professional circus artist and trainer and I wouldn’t change any of it. I love getting creative with physicality. I love that our industry is so wide, so many things fall under the umbrella of “circus” that there is something for everyone and there are so many avenues you can choose.

Anyone who has ever done an aerial class will know that it is hard work and it hurts… a lot… but you just have to keep going and keep a sense of humour about it. If the love is there, it’s worth it.

Jo teaches
Acro – All Levels
Aerial Silks
Splits and Contortion
Aerial Ropes
Aerial Hoop
every week at London Dance Academy

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Latest review for Jo Foley from Class Pass and MindBody: “Was pushed beyond what I knew I could do but always felt secure to do so. Jo was amazing – clear instruction and really motivating. Can’t wait to go back soon!”