Pole Level 5 – Elite
  • Single 90min class: £21.00
  • (Membership options available)
  • 14 people
  • 7 poles
  • 2 crash mats

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Pole Level 5 – Elite

Advanced pole dancing experience required (equivalent to passing our Level 4 / Advanced)

Welcome to the world of professional pole – training will be intense and exciting!

Pole Level 5 – Class Structure:

Following on from the Advanced level, this class will introduce you to some of the latest pole tricks invented by pioneering and talented dancers. You will reach a level where you’ll want to add more extreme tricks to your repertoire. You will also learn to combine them in complex routines that require a high level of technical finesse.

In Pole Level 5 new moves will continue to be added to the curriculum on an ongoing basis, so there will always be new challenges on offer!

In addition, you will benefit from the opportunity of attending our masterclasses and workshops so that you can keep on learning all the latest pole tricks and continue your development as an expert pole dancer.


Each class is 1.5 hours long, and with 7 poles available you’ll have plenty of time to focus on these challenging moves. We will always aim for a maximum of 2 people per pole.


If you are running late for a class, please do call reception to let us know. Please be aware that if you are more than 10 minutes late, you may not be able to join, as it may be after the warm up.  Also, please note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations.