Backs & Shoulders Online
  • Online 60 min class - Pay what you can afford: £7.00
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  • 50 people

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Backs & Shoulders Online

Backs & Shoulders Online
Suitable for all levels
Have you got a tight neck and shoulders? Is Wheel, Bridge, chest stand or standing scale on your flexibility wish list? If you answered ‘yes’, then this class is perfect for you!

We will work on increasing flexibility, mobility, strength and stability of your shoulders, back (low, mid and upper back) and hip flexors. Be ready to stretch, we will use rubber bands (or light weights, 2 bottles of water or canned food), straps (or a dressing gown cord) to help you open up the tight areas of your upper body.
What to wear? Wear warm, comfortable clothing!

Welcome to our online classes!!

  • You will receive your personalised link half an hour before the class is due to start.
  • If you’ve signed up with less than half an hour to go, you will receive your personalised link in a couple of minutes.
  • Please do not share your link with anyone else, as it’s personal to you!
  • If you join us early, you will be in a virtual waiting room, and the teacher will let you in.
  • Please make sure you join with Computer Audio enabled, so you can hear the teacher.
  • Any issues before or during the class just email us at and we’ll help.