Splits Therapy & Yoga Massage half-day Workshop
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Splits Therapy & Yoga Massage half-day Workshop

Splits Therapy & Yoga Massage half-day Workshop

Feeling extremely inspired by your brilliant energy in the previous workshops, I’ve decided to answer the main 3 questions frequently raised:

1. When is the next workshop?
2. Can it be longer?
3. Can we have more time for massage and relaxation?

We are delighted to announce that the next STYM half-day workshop will be on
Saturday 30 September
Time: 2pm – 6.30pm
Location: Old St LDA Studio

As our lives become busier and our free time ever more precious, nurturing the skill of good organisation has been something I’ve greatly valued.
Planning a class is a very important exercise which should be taken seriously – with years of dedication to my methods, teaching intuitively has become a real passion for me.

I love asking you how you actually feel ‘in the moment’ then my challenge as a teacher is to adapt the content of our class on the spot if I sense something more relevant might be required within the time and space we share together.
The aim is to flow when we need to flow – stop, connect and communicate when we have questions or considerations.

During this half-day workshop these will be the main topics I’d like to touch upon.

Workshop structure:

Meditation & Splits
15 mins ReConnect – how do you actually feel, body and mind?
90 mins Splits Therapy

30 mins rest break – Light healthy refreshments will be provided

90 mins Mediation Pranayama & Asanas
30 mins Partner work with massage & Drift therapy


For anyone new to this class – Splits Therapy continues to evolve, sympathetically mixing traditional, modern and ancient stretching methods.
Incorporating yoga, ballet, circus, martial arts, dance, remedial therapy and physiology.

Students are experiencing improvements to their splits & general flexibility of between 20-40 % in just a few sessions.

I’ve been a dancer and physical performers for most of my life and love to share some of the techniques that I have learned along my journey.

Disciplines that have helped me improve, recover and sustain my flexibility for decades.

Stretching is deeply personal and needs to be explored individually.
What are your needs? Where does your body resist & why?

My hope is that you will learn to view flexibility in a positive fearless new way.

To welcome it as a therapy for your body rather than a chore. We’ll explore partner massage, breathing techniques how to switch off and find that inner calm.

Once the mental blocks start to surrender…your body will follow.

Melissa Gray LDA Co-Founder


If you are running late for a class, please do call reception to let us know. Please note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations.