Circus Cardio Conditioning (CCC)
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Circus Cardio Conditioning (CCC)

Circus Cardio Conditioning

Suitable for all levels (Aerialists, Pole Dancers or general fitness enthusiasts welcome!)

Circus Cardio Conditioning is a class inspired by traditional circus conditioning methods Perfect for those who want to improve their strength, stamina and flexibility at the same time.

Class content:
Whether you are a complete beginner or have aerial, circus or pole experience, get ready to train like circus performers do!

In this class we will focus on building our upper body and core strength, essential for those who train on aerial equipment or pole. Floor based exercises, handstand conditioning and abdominal workout are some of the tools we will use to achieve our goals. New exercises every week to challenge ourselves and keep things exciting!

We will also use high intensity cardio exercises to improve our stamina and upgrade our fitness levels. We will finish our workout focusing on increasing our flexibility on legs, back and shoulders.

The exercises will be performed either solo or with a partner to ensure safety in a relaxed and fun environment. Please note that in this class we do not use any equipment such as aerial silks, aerial hoop, hammock or pole.

If you are running late for a class, please do call reception to let us know. Please be aware that if you are more than 10 minutes late, you may not be able to join. Also, please note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations.