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  • 12 people

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BodySculpt Suitable for all fitness levels

A high-intensity class to sculpt your body for extreme fat-burning and muscle toning. A combination of upper and lower body conditioning mixed with continuous dynamic movement.  Tone up while working out to fun high tempo music.

Class content:

This is a high-energy, intensive workout to burn off those pounds and get that lean, sexy body.

This class uses body-weight toning and stretching exercises as well as high-intensity dance moves to get your heartbeat racing. BodySculpt is an all-round fun fitness class addressing all the major muscle groups as well as improving your stamina.

Be prepared to work hard while enjoying yourself!

Suitable for complete beginners to experienced students, this class will deliver achievements week on week while training in a fun environment and challenging yourself with every session. Get ready to tone up without getting bored of your workout. Exercises will vary every week to keep things interesting!


If you are running late for a class, please do call reception to let us know. Please be aware that if you are more than 10 minutes late, you may not be able to join, as it may be after the warm up.  Also, please note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations.