Welcome to our Academy

Welcome to our urban oasis, where you can explore the art of dance & yoga.

LDA are proud to be the first & only school in London to offer AntiGravity® Yoga.

Change the way you view health & fitness forever.

Suitable for complete beginners & professional performers; so you're in good hands.

Just 5 mins walk from Old Street & Barbican.

Beginners Information



Are you ready to try a new and exciting way of exercising?

Then London Dance Academy is for you.

You don't need to be an experienced dancer, in excellent shape, flexible or skinny as a stick. We welcome all ages, shapes and sizes/ Everyone is welcome at LDA. Our students come to us to improve their strength, fitness and flexibility, boost their confidence and burn off some calories in a fun and different way that really gives the body a full workout.

Getting started!

Pole dancing is a skill that everyone can learn. No prior dancing or fitness experience is needed. Why not try our Discover Pole dancing drop-in classes. A weekly class where you learn different moves every week or our Level 1 classes teach you the basic pole dancing techniques in during a 6 week course.

Discover pole link button here

Level 1 course

For a more cost-effective way of training buy a 6 week course. Our Beginner's course will teach you the basic techniques, improve your posture and core strength as well give your confidence a boost as your acquire a new skill.

Or book a private one-to-one lesson to boost your skills. Classes are offered throughout London and available in the mornings and afternoons to suit your schedule. Call 02085201985 or email info@laphq.co.uk to make a booking.

Experienced students


Experienced students

Assessing your level

Been pole dancing before and don't know what level you are at our school? Have you been doing classes with another studio and would like to try LDA?

With an exceptional range of classes we are sure to have one that will take your techniques and skills to the next level, whatever your knowledge and experience. Please email bookings@laphq.co.uk to discuss with us which level is right for you.

You are also welcome to book a private training session where you can be assessed. Classes are offered throughout London and available in the mornings and afternoons to suit your schedule. Call 020 3490 1018 or email bookings@laphq.co.uk to make a booking.

All of our lessons are taught by friendly teachers who hold professional fitness or dance qualifications and extensive experience in their fields. Our classes are small, with emphasis on having fun while working hard and achieving personal goals.

We have a flexible schedule of courses and plenty of drop-in classes to suit everyone. Our main studio in Old Street is the largest and well-equipped in London. Additionally, we also hold classes other studios across London.

Memberships – new policy

Here at London Dance Academy, we are trying to provide an all-round great training experience for as many students as possible. This includes flexible booking policies on drop-in classes and courses and a great range of discounted memberships and pole course bundles to allow you to tailor your training regime to what’s right for you as an individual – and for your wallet!

Our classes are always in high demand, as many of you know. This is why, in light of recent spates of last minute cancellations and no-shows, we have had to introduce a new membership and booking policy. Please click on the link to read more.


New Course Structure FAQs

We  have listened to your feedback and redesigned our pole courses to allow for more flexible booking and less waiting time for course sessions of any level! 

Please find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding booking,
course content and structure here and do not hesitate to call us on 020 3490 1018
should you have any further questions.

We really hope this new, more flexible structure will make your experience at LDA even more fun and rewarding, without the hassle of waiting for start dates, having to attend each week at the same time, or missing out on sessions due to work commitments, illness or time spent away from London for any reason.

Any more questions? Please call us on 020 3490 1018 or email bookings@laphq.co.uk.


Dave Myers from Strictly Come Dancing enjoying AntiGravity Yoga at the London Dance Academy

We were thrilled to welcome Dave Myers & Karen Hauer from Strictly come Dancing to the London Dance Academy for a private Anti Gravity Yoga session with Sam.

He said: “I’ve spent 35 years sitting on a motorbike in the rain. It’s not had too good an effect on my bones. Getting me to stand up straight was a major mission.”

Dave thouroughly enjoyed, the class especailly the feeling of being supported in the hammock. He commented that it had really helped with his back ache.

Very best of luck Dave & Karen, we’re all gunning for you at the London Dance Academy.

Dave-Myers-2527882.pngDave-Myers-2527883.png   Dave-Myers-2527885.png Dave-Myers-2527886.png Dave-Myers-2527881.png

New Classes

Aerial Yoga
AntiGravity® Aerial Pilates
Aerial Yoga Massage by Candelight

With the weight of the body supported students learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort. Producing a peaceful state of mind & a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body


Please give reception a print out of your voucher; we’re sorry but you will not be able to participate without your voucher.

We like to keep our classes small to guarantee you have the best possible experience so if you need to change your dates please tell us within 72 hours or we’re sorry you will forfeit your place.  If you’re unable to attend please let us know as we also have a waiting list for cancellations.